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Social Current is the premier partner and solutions provider to a diverse network of human and social service organizations. Together with our network, we are activating the power of the social sector to effect broader systemic change that is needed to achieve our vision of an equitable society where all people can thrive.

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2024 Executive Leadership Institute

Equips senior-level managers and executives with the knowledge and skills to oversee day-to-day operations, and prepare for the future and greater systems change.

Hardwired for Fear and Connection

This three-part series will focus on the intersection of brain science and EDI and how we can apply this knowledge to our daily work to foster stronger connections, increased healing, and greater impact.

Intro to COA Accreditation

Join this free, 30-minute webinar to get an introduction of COA Accreditation, a service of Social Current.

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Our Core Offerings
We focus on key areas that positively impact the well-being of families and communities.

COA Accreditation
Commit to continuous improvement and evidence-based practices

Impact Partnerships
Unlock a host of tools, resources, and networking opportunities

Learning Solutions
Access webinars, courses, and trainings to develop your workforce

Equity Consulting
Advance equity to strengthen your organization and community impact

Workforce Resilience Consulting
Infuse resilience strategies to help your staff stay healthy and passionate

Federal Policy Advocacy
Achieve influence at the federal level through advocacy and mobilization

Social Current is the only place where I can connect with my counterparts at other national associations. That type of resource is needed and very motivating for the sector.
— Reuben Rotman, Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies
We have found such value in the network. Leveraging the experience of our colleagues and peers as well as Social Current’s offerings has been invaluable to us as an organization.
— Kirsten Olson, Children & Families First
Being a part of the Social Current network is critical to our ability to build relationships and learn about what great work is being done at other organizations across the country. We can then bring that back to our local community so we can do our work better.
— Micah Jorrisch, Maryhurst