Offered in key areas for advancing the impact of the social sector, our professional development opportunities include webinars, on-demand courses, workshops, and in-person learning cohorts. Social Current’s understanding of best practices combined with our network’s deep field experience allows us to create learning that is immediately applicable.

Learning Management Services

More and more organizations are embracing virtual solutions for engaging internal staff and external audiences. Social Current provides cost-effective and proven solutions for organizations of all sizes to help them increase their engagement and better grow, develop, and retain top talent.

Our Learning Management Services help you create and deploy an online learning management system to streamline your organization’s learning. This customizable system reduces the administrative headaches of managing training activity. With our services, small and midsize orgs can streamline their processes with automated reminders, tracking, and reporting.

Joining Social Current’s Learning Exchange increases access and exposure to your learning programs by promoting them to our vast network of human services organizations and leveraging our robust platform. It also creates earned revenue for your organization.

Because learning tools are only one part of the equation, Social Current offers expertise in learning strategy, learning solution deployment, and learning design. Through collaborative consulting, your organization will be more successful in launching its online learning initiatives and your staff will learn best practices as we partner together.

Social Current offers support customizable packages for all its learning services, allowing your instructors and subject matter experts to present their courses while leaving the tracking, reporting, and systems management to us.

What We Offer

Professional Development

Our online learning catalog contains over 100 courses in a variety of formats including in-person, hybrid, and on-demand experiences. Topics include equity, diversity, and inclusion, social determinants of health, PQI, IAT, leadership, organizational excellence, and more.

Learning Exchange

If your organization has developed a course for use by the public and wants to expand its reach to a larger national audience, Social Current’s Learning Exchange can increase its exposure.

We will assist you in converting the training to an online, on-demand course and offer it publicly through our learning catalog. We also can assist in promoting your course to our national network.

Revenue sharing plans are available.

Learning Consulting

Social Current offers consulting services around your organization’s internal or external learning strategy. We also offer support in deploying your learning management system solutions successfully.

With more than 20 years in the field of learning, Social Current is the only organization that has expertise in learning and focuses specifically on the human services sector. Our team of learning experts provides effective, collaborative, and responsive support to help you reach your learning goals.