D1: [CANCELLED] Healing-Centered Design: Philosophies, Practices, and Applications

Area of Focus: Brain Science
Room Location: Key 11

Everyone in our sector is talking about “trauma-informed care.” But what does that really mean, and how does one become trauma-informed? In this exciting session, participants will learn what happens in the brain when someone experiences something as stressful as homelessness, and how to practically support someone through those challenging experiences.

Learning Objectives

  • What eustress and distress are and how they affect the brain
  • The philosophies and practices that make up trauma-informed care
  • Discuss the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of embedding healing-centered principles in innovation and design efforts (and learn what this looks like in practice through a case study of Portland Homeless Family Solutions)
  • Consider how these concepts apply not only to your programs and physical spaces but also to workforce resilience and organizational culture


Brandi Tuck
Executive Director
Portland Homeless Family Solutions (PHFS)