We provide a range of services and engagement opportunities to actively drive the future of the social sector through public policy and advocacy, knowledge exchange, learning, accreditation, and more. When we come together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We can achieve public policy wins through advocacy, apply and test emerging best practices, leverage data for benchmarking; and more. If we are to achieve the impact we envision, collaboration is more important than ever. Our engaged organizations are diverse in how they contribute to the network and in their individual causes, but they are united in their shared vision and distinctive in their commitment to excellence.

Social Current’s approach to engagement is flexible, allowing organizations to address their most pressing needs while also contributing using their strengths. To plug into the information and influence of the network and begin to activate the power of the social sector, we offer Impact Partnerships with pricing tailored to organizations of various sizes; COA Accreditation; partnership opportunities; learning opportunities; and more. To stay informed of engagement opportunities, sign up for our e-newsletters and follow us on social media.

Engaging leaders and their teams across the sector and greater human services ecosystem is critical to our collective success and nationwide impact, and we believe the time is now to offer multiple avenues so that we can build a strong network of connection and community. Perhaps the greatest value of engaging our network comes in experiencing mentorship, reciprocity, and camaraderie, as the deep expertise and experience our network colleagues bring to one another in our work is invaluable and is foundational to this exciting new era for us and the sector.