Knowledge and Insights Center

Social Current’s Knowledge and Insights Center equips social sector professionals with the research and resources they need to stay current on emerging trends, implement practices, and advance organizational excellence.

The Knowledge and Insights Center specializes in reviewing and evaluating information sources for credibility and thoroughness and systematizing the information in a way that professionals can quickly and easily understand.

Through the Social Current Hub users can access the Knowledge and Insights Center, which includes both self-service and personalized support offerings.

  • Resource library
  • Topical databases
  • Ask-a-librarian
  • On-demand learning

Resource Library

Curated by professional librarians, this extensive clearinghouse library contains thousands of catalog records in more than 20 topic collections.

  • Topic Collections. Collections are curated by subject matter experts and focus on topics that advance the Social Current network’s priorities in practice and policy.
  • Special Content. The catalog also includes issue briefs, literature reviews, and other materials created by subject matter experts and librarians to summarize and simplify topics.

Research, Business, and Media Databases

Thousands of journals, business book summaries, news sources, and other publications are accessible via premium content platforms.

  • EBSCOhost Service. This service offers access to multiple databases, each with a distinct focus and source coverage, such as business and industry, social sciences, nursing and allied health, and education.
  • Social Work Research and Practice. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services is the official journal of Social Current. It offers peer-reviewed content published since 1920 that continually advances the social work profession.


For personalized information needs, organization leaders and their teams can work with librarians on a variety of reference requests, such as literature searches, sample admin. policies/procedures, and trends compilations. Librarians employ an evidence-first approach to scan and evaluate the knowledge base for requested topics, always assessing their scope, relevance, and utility.

On-Demand Learning

The learning catalog contains a variety of professional development opportunities, including webinars, self-paced on-demand courses, trainings, and learning cohorts. Topics are focused on the Social Current impact areas, such as equity, diversity, and inclusion; performance and quality improvement; leadership and organizational change; trauma-informed practices; workforce resilience; and more. Learn more about our on-demand learning.

How to Access the Knowledge and Insights Center

To use the Knowledge and Insights Center, log in to the Social Current Hub.

Organizations can provide access to the Knowledge and Insights Center to their staff by becoming Social Current Impact Partners. Learn more about the benefits available through Impact Partnerships. We also offer a Knowledge and Insights Center subscription. Request more information through the form below.


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