Child Welfare’s 21st-Century Research Agenda: An Anti-Racist Approach to Child Neglect Investigations

This webinar will provide an historical and contemporary overview of child neglect and its link to structural racism in child welfare. Then, the presenter will engage the audience in variations of child neglect definitions and the nuanced interpretations in child neglect investigations. The presentation will conclude with strategies to address and combat racial bias in child neglect reporting and in the substantiation of these investigations.


Maximize Your Social Current Engagement: Knowledge and Insights Center

Experienced librarians and other Social Current staff and partners with subject matter expertise provide professionals in the nonprofit social services sector with timely and useful information solutions. This includes on-demand, 24/7 access to thousands of online knowledge and resource assets, full-text articles, journals and publications, and real-world policies and procedures from social services organizations. Join the Knowledge and Insights Center team for this session. They’ll provide an overview of services, instructions for using the online resources portal, and tips and tricks that make information searches and usage easier.


Intensive Accreditation Training (IAT)

The Intensive Accreditation Training (IAT) is designed to prepare organizations to get the most out of their COA Accreditation experience. It provides an overview of the COA Accreditation process and standards, tips on how to manage the work, and advice for preparing for the site visit.


Introduction to COA Accreditation

This webinar will provide an introduction to Social Current and COA Accreditation. Participants will gain an understanding of the key concepts that define COA Accreditation, the steps toward becoming accredited, and the benefits of accreditation.


SPARK 2023

SPARK 2023 will showcase sector insight and expertise to drive toward greater impact so all people can thrive. This in-person event will convene leaders from across human services.