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April 16, 2024

Advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is an ongoing journey that requires continuous learning and dialogue among all staff. Through our work, we know that organizations are the most effective in advancing EDI when they build an organizational culture that deeply embeds these precepts at multiple levels. That’s why we are offering a variety of opportunities to meet the needs of staff with varying responsibilities and current knowledge of EDI concepts.

Our slate of upcoming virtual learning opportunities provides solutions for:

Learn more and register for upcoming sessions. Social Current Impact Partners and organizations that have achieved COA Accreditation receive a discounted rate.

EDI Essentials for Supervisors

Supervisors play a key role in supporting and retaining staff, engaging diverse teams, and fostering a sense of belonging, so it’s important to make sure they are equipped with the right knowledge and tools. Being an effective supervisor requires specific skills that are often unaddressed and underdeveloped.

Using equity, diversity, and inclusion principles as the foundation, this virtual learning series will help supervisors support and engage their team members’ varied views, experiences, and capabilities.

These sessions are offered throughout the year to provide supervisors with continual learning, networking, and support. Register for individual sessions or save by purchasing the entire series.

Translating EDI Practice Into Action

Successfully leading EDI initiatives requires a deep understanding of the common challenges that affect organizational culture, as well as practices that build bridges and create a stronger community. This virtual learning series is designed for staff who are leading their organizations’ EDI efforts and want to grow their understanding and application of key EDI concepts. Participants will be able to better address complex workplace dynamics and craft meaningful strategies for growth.

These sessions are designed for staff who are new to leading EDI initiatives, or as a refresher course for those looking to revamp or relaunch an EDI initiative. Register for single sessions or save by purchasing the entire series.

Advancing Equity Workshop: Fundamentals to Support Your Journey

During this three-part virtual workshop, participants will learn and engage in a safe environment, where they can ask questions and share reflections with their peers. Using Social Current’s three-prong approach to EDI (Person, Organization and Systems), the presenters will encourage participants to develop a deeper personal EDI journey, to build an inclusive work culture, and to become more aware of the systems that impact us all.

Participants will explore their relationships with EDI in a safe environment and increase understanding of how to build an equitable and inclusive workplace culture and foster psychological safety. In addition, they will explore the phases of organizational growth in EDI and learn about the essential components of a successful EDI plan. Participants will gain the foundation they need to create their own EDI plan.

Learn more and register for this three-part workshop. The July session will be held July 9, July 16, and July 25. The November session will be held Nov. 6, 13, and 20.

Customized Consulting

Social Current also offers support and training through our EDI consulting. Our services build on decades of work with nonprofit organizations and knowledge about what makes EDI efforts successful. Learn more and contact us to get started.

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