A Strategy, Framework, and Plan for the Future

We work with all levels of an organization from board to leadership to staff to identify a strategy, framework, and plan to guide the future of your organization in a rapidly, evolving world.


“The facilitators each brought their own approach, wisdom, and personality to the presentation. This was more than just a ‘training’. Thank you!”
July 2021 Workshop Attendee

“This was great. I learned a great deal more than I expected. I captured notes that I think will help me to begin setting intention for our DEI plan.”
February 2021 Workshop Attendee

EDI Events

EDI Consulting

Organizations will be most effective in their equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) journey when they build an organizational culture that has EDI deeply embedded at multiple levels. Social Current’s EDI consultants utilize cross-sector partnerships and their leaders to co-create and strengthen equity in an organization.

Building on decades of work with nonprofit human serving organizations, our approach reflects what we have learned from those who are actively deepening their equity commitment and practices. That approach encompasses the person, organization, and system. The person-organization-system approach is not a linear path for EDI growth – the three areas overlap and intertwine. It also incorporates our ongoing research on what makes EDI efforts successful and how they have fallen short over the last generation.

The journey starts at the personal level, with individuals committed to the work. To make progress, each individual must commit to learn, reflect, and grow continually.

Individuals apply what they have learned about themselves in ways that encourage and support others. For those on the EDI journey, there will be an impact on their role, their work at the organization, and the organization’s system. This does not mean that every person in the organization must be committed before starting the work, but you must start with at least one to move the whole organization forward.

Organizations grow and advance EDI over time, making this process a journey.

More than just individuals changing their thoughts and behaviors, the whole organization must address its processes, strategies, and culture to embed EDI fully. As the organization deepens its competence in EDI, it will expand its focus beyond internal work into deeper systems change.

The organization’s work happens within systems, whether it is the neighborhood, the community of like-minded practitioners, or the fields in which the work happens–such as education, child welfare, or healthcare.

How the organization engages in these systems, the philosophies and models used with stakeholders, and the relationships and contracts with government entities all offer space to practice EDI and work towards more profound change. As the number of competent and committed EDI organizations increases, the opportunities for systems change will do the same.

Our EDI Consulting Services Include:

  • Individual and organizational level assessments
  • A custom-level consultation approach – includes an engaged review and custom report of EDI related data collected by the organization
  • EDI charter and committee development
  • The development of an EDI plan through a Results-Based Accountability lens
  • Team and executive-level coaching
  • Development of learning and resource circles
  • Various levels and types of training on EDI topics and a dedicated team of consultants continuously engaged with its partners every step of the way on their respective EDI journeys