If you cannot donate online, we accept donations
through these methods:


Social Current prefers payment by Automated Clearing House (ACH). To pay by ACH, please contact Social Current Accounts Receivable for details.

By Phone

Call Social Current at 800-221-3726.

By Mail

Complete the donation form and mail it with a check payable to “Social Current” or with credit card information to Social Current;
P.O. Box 3493, Sturtevant, WI 53177.

Match Your Gift

Many companies have matching gift programs that double or triple tax-deductible donations made by their employees, which are a simple way to maximize the benefit of a donation to Social Current. Social Current records the total gift as the sum of the donor’s gift and the employer’s match.

To make a matching gift donation to Social Current:


Contact your company’s human resources offices to obtain forms for matching gifts


Complete the forms required sections for employees


Complete the Matching Gift section on Social Current’s donation form


Submit all forms to Social Current

Social Current completes the required sections, confirms receipt of the donation, and returns forms to employers.

Tribute Gifts

Check the corresponding box on Social Current’s donation form to pay tribute to a friend, relative, or colleague with an:

Honorary gift that celebrates a special occasion or to honor an accomplishment.

Memorial gift in remembrance and recognition of someone’s passion and dedication to helping children and families reach their full potential.

Social Current will notify a party of the donor’s choosing to make them aware of gifts made in tribute, but the amount of the gift remains confidential.