Our Goals

We help communities and social sector organizations:


Identify preventive, upstream solutions to difficult problems


Reduce child abuse and neglect by fostering protective factors and building trust between systems and communities


Increase public will to invest in keeping families strong and together

Our Approach

Our approach to building child and family well-being is based on our values and applies unified, intrepid, just, and purposeful principles to everything we do.

The solutions we co-create with you are equitable, community-led pathways to address the problems you face that integrate and elevate voices of lived experience. We are constantly bringing you real-time knowledge and resources, learning alongside you, and documenting new discoveries that will challenge the status quo, disrupt systems, and improve the lives of people in your community.

Our Initiatives

Additional Initiatives

The Well-Being Measurement Framework project improves outcomes for children and families by developing a new framework and shared definition for child and family well-being.

Mandated Reporting Reform involves developing a new mandated reporter curriculum and training that addresses implicit bias, disproportionality, and aligns with nationally recognized best practices.

Supporting Children, Youth, and Families Affected by the Drug Crisis: Recruiting and Developing Peer Recovery Coaches supports children, youth, and families who have suffered victimization as a result of a family member or caregiver’s substance use disorder by recruiting, training, and certifying peer recovery coaches who have lived experience.

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