Together we fuel each other’s knowledge, expertise, and experience through research and hard-earned experience out in the field.

To drive equitable solutions, we focus on key areas that positively impact the well-being of families and communities.

At the nexus of families and communities, community-based organizations play a transformative role in implementing equitable, whole-person solutions and improving the context in which individuals, families, and communities live. Community-based organizations are essential to helping realize our vision of a society where all can thrive. They are invaluable contributors to:

  • Reducing the toll of racism by advancing equity and social justice and building resilience
  • Understanding individuals’ lived experiences and elevating their voices in decision making
  • Providing economical solutions that are preventive and address the whole person and family
  • Fostering partnerships and collaboration across public agencies and systems, health care, education, the for-profit sector, philanthropy, and more

Areas of Expertise

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Confronting racist practices and advancing equity at the individual, organization, and systems levels.


Organizations will be most effective in their equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) journey when they build an organizational culture that has EDI deeply embedded at multiple levels. Social Current’s EDI consultants utilize cross-sector partnerships and their leaders to co-create and strengthen equity in an organization.


Brain Science and Development

Applying brain science principles to practice and policy so that we can build resilience, increase equity, and reduce the impact of toxic stress.

Change in Mind Institute

A collaborative experience where participating organizations will determine their own paths for creating the transformation best suited to their unique needs. The process of embedding brain science principles will lead to improved outcomes for children and families. In addition, it will further enhance their organizational cultures and leadership ability to work collaboratively with partners to build better service systems and policies.

Leadership Development

Equipping leaders with the skills they need to address adaptive challenges, lead systems change, and create lasting impact.


Health and Mental Well-Being

Leading innovations in the sector that will improve health equity, enhance programs, and increase revenue for community-based organizations.


Social Current has undertaken a comprehensive set of partnerships and projects to advance population health and well-being.

Social Current serves on the advisory board to support the development of National Covid-19 Resiliency Network (NCRN), to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on racial and ethnic minority, rural, and socially vulnerable populations. Stay up-to-date with new resources about COVID-19 by subscribing here and follow them on social media. 

Social Current serves on the National Field Coordinating Council, who is committed to improving outcomes on a national level for people with complex needs. This council requires extensive collaboration and a single body to coordinate and align progress being made by organizations and programs across the country. The Complex Care Field Coordinating Committee (FCC) was established in 2019 to coordinate and align activities underway to advance the field of complex care.

Social Current is working on the National Expert Advisory Board to support the Raising the Bar project. Raising the Bar will develop principles and provide practical guidance for the health care sector to achieve optimal well-being for those who face the greatest barriers to health.

Social Current partners with Well-being in Equity to educate community based organizations on tools and resources to measure their work through the lens of social determinants. Primary learning is on the Well Being In the Nation Measurement Framework.

Social Current is affiliated with Root Cause Coalition, a collaborative fostering cross-sector partnerships and collective impact of its member organizations through research, education and advocacy to improve health outcomes by addressing the social determinants of health.

Social Current serves on the National Advisory Council of SIREN at the University of California, San Francisco, whose mission is to catalyze and disseminate high-quality research that advances efforts to address social determinants of health in health care settings.

Child and Family Well-Being

Transforming child welfare systems into 21st century child and family well-being systems.

Within Our Reach

Equipping policymakers, practitioners, and advocates with the tools they need to fundamentally reform child welfare.

Child Safety Forward

A National Initiative to Reduce Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities and Injuries Through a Collaborative, Community-Based Approach

Project HOPE

Infusing the science of hope to build protective factors and assist law enforcement in addressing burnout, trauma, and adversity.




Educational Success

Supporting partnerships between community-based organizations and schools that use whole-community approaches to whole-child development.

Education Policy Briefs

These policy briefs are to lift up the values-based innovations and thought leadership from our sector, and to identify the policy recommendations that can help to spread and scale these solutions in communities across our country.

High Impact Organizations

Unleashing the transformative impact of community-based organizations to help all people thrive by ensuring they are adequately resourced, uphold rigorous standards and drive innovation, and inform public policy and other community decision making.


Because Social Current believes that organizations do not achieve impact by accident but through dedication and rigorous attention to high standards, we’ve identified the Commitments to deliver foundational direction in achieving lasting impact.