A5: Execute Your Priorities with Project Management for Organizations of All Sizes

Area of Focus: Leadership and Organizational Development
Content Level: Learner

This session will demonstrate how project management practices, principles, and tools can be adapted to organizations of various sizes, using the case study of Devereux’s successful project management office. A well-structured project management function can streamline processes, improve project delivery, and ensure that projects align with the organization’s strategic goals. Whether you have many or few resources at your disposal, scalable project management techniques can help you put your strategy into action.

Learning Objectives

• How to translate strategies into tactical success using project management, no matter the organization’s size or resource availability
• Train and develop new project managers who are skilled in the art and the science of managing projects
• Develop and refine traditional and agile project management approaches to support an organization-wide project management function
• Consider how the project management office will strategically fit within the organization and act as a thought partner to senior leadership


Sarah Boone
National Project Manager
Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

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