Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Leadership: Practices for the Long Haul

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel 1550 Court Place, Denver, United States

This pre-conference session will feature the latest insight on what organizations need to understand to successfully advance equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), as well as leadership principles and strategies to support organizational EDI journeys. It will look to support frank dialogue and include small-group discussions on what’s at stake for EDI and how leaders can continue to make progress in their organizational goals.


Advancing Equity Workshop: Fundamentals to Support Your Journey (November Session)

During this three-part virtual workshop, participants will learn and engage in a safe environment, where they can ask questions and share reflections with their peers. Using Social Current’s three-prong approach to EDI (Person, Organization and Systems), the presenters will encourage participants to develop a deeper personal EDI journey, to build an inclusive work culture, and to become more aware of the systems that impact us all.

$800 – $1000

Intensive Accreditation Training (IAT)

The Intensive Accreditation Training (IAT) is designed to prepare organizations to get the most out of their COA Accreditation experience.


Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI)

This performance and quality improvement (PQI) training is designed to help organizations pursuing COA Accreditation develop a comprehensive approach to a quality improvement process that will advance an efficient and effective service delivery system and enhance organizational capacity to deliver quality services.