The New Narrative Campaign

Changing the Narrative

The health and well-being of communities is critically dependent on a host of factors including the supports and services offered by community-based nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations are facing a crisis of relevance, capacity, and capability with workforce shortages, demand exceeding supply, and continued chronic underfunding.

The very term “nonprofit” raises a host of perceptual issues and contributes to a narrative that devalues the sector. It is time to shift our narrative from one solely focused on mission and begin taking concrete steps toward ensuring widespread recognition of the inherent value of our sector, addressing chronic underfunding, and ensuring adequate resources to not only meet community need, but to also drive innovation and learning. This is how we will truly move the needle on social change.

Many of these challenges were detailed in our report, A National Imperative: Joining Forces to Strengthen Human Services in America. In addition to outlining roadblocks, such as public perception and financial stress, the report champions the transformative power of community-based organizations to achieve breakthrough results with individuals, families, and communities.

The Time Is Now

Social Current is proud to serve as one of 10 selected partners for the social impact campaign for UnCharitable, the movie. Through this partnership, we can shape and influence longtail work that will leverage the release of the film to elevate the funding issues that impede our work and our impact.

We know there is an important national conversation and action planning that must occur. We know we need to organize more broadly to be able to impact community outcomes by ensuring a hospitable environment for social sector organizations.

This an extraordinary opportunity for the network to show solidarity and come together to finally move the needle on very important issues that would impact the whole sector.

Are you in?

Here’s How You Can Join Us:

Leadership Circle: Organizations who contribute $1,000 or more will serve as trusted advisors and thought partners to Social Current in planning the work that will be undertaken in partnership with UnCharitable. At a minimum, Leadership Circle CEOs will:

  1. Be invited to a virtual screening of UnCharitable with their board chairs that will feature a virtual discussion with the lead for the social impact campaign, the film’s director, and possibly other special guests.
  2. Have the opportunity to work in partnership with Social Current to define the chronic underfunding campaign and approach, including shaping our advocacy efforts and associated tools and resources.
  3. Have a connection to the funders engaged in leading the social impact work for UnCharitable to elevate the value of the sector, articulate the challenges in current funding, and build bridges, create trust, and establish credibility of the Social Current network.

Champions for Change: Those who are willing to make a more modest financial investment or are willing to offer their time, expertise, and voice by writing or partnering with us on op-eds, blog posts, virtual panels, or lending your space to host Social Current for community and network events in your local area. Have other ideas? Just let us know.

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