New Phased Accreditation Option for FFPSA Mandated Organizations

July 6, 2020

The Council on Accreditation (COA) realizes that the current COVID-19 environment has presented organizations with a myriad of operational challenges as they continue to operate and provide services in this new environment.  This is even more pronounced for those organizations seeking accreditation to meet the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) mandate deadlines.

To help alleviate some of the burden that organizations are currently facing, COA is providing a new Phased Accreditation option for new organizations seeking accreditation under the FFPSA mandate.  This new option will allow organizations to first achieve QRTP accreditation in advance of achieving full-organizational accreditation.

What is Phased Accreditation?

COA’s Phased Accreditation provides an organization the opportunity to accredit the mandated QRTP service area first, based on a mutually agreed upon timetable and focused standards.  The organization will then immediately proceed to its pursuit of full-organizational accreditation, in keeping with COA’s philosophy on accreditation.

Who is eligible?

New Private organizations seeking accreditation under the FFPSA mandate.

How do organizations benefit?

The Phased Accreditation option allows organizations to expedite the timeline to accredit the mandated service area while allowing the organization additional time to complete full-organizational accreditation.  This approach allows organizations to achieve QRTP Accreditation in approximately 6-8 months.

Upon successful completion of the QRTP accreditation, the organization’s program will be accredited for four years. If the organization’s remaining services are accredited within a year of the QRTP accreditation, the organization will be accredited for four years from the decision date of the organization-wide accreditation (up to 5 years).

What are the Accreditation and Site Visit fees?

Our standard Private Accreditation and Site Visit fees apply.  Members of our Sponsoring Organizations still receive the 25% discount on their Accreditation fee.  There will be an additional Site Visit and fee of $2,200 per reviewer for the QRTP portion of the Phased Accreditation. The initial Phased Accreditation Site Visit will most likely be comprised of a single Peer Reviewer. 

To learn more about our Phased Accreditation approach, please reach out to Joe Perrow.


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