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June 12, 2023

Human services nonprofits face several challenges in measuring their organizations’ health and stability. It is a frequent hot topic among thought leaders and organizations working to achieve COA Accreditation, a service of Social Current. Within COA Accreditation, our Analyzing and Reporting Information standards are among the most difficult to achieve.

To support organizations, we have updated Social Current’s COA Accreditation Benchmarking Program with an interactive data dashboard. This program for COA-accredited private and Canadian organizations contextualizes the performance against peer entities on 15 measures of health and stability in four performance domains:

  • Financial Health
  • Governance
  • Workforce Development
  • Risk Management

Our program is focused solely on human and social service organizations and, unlike other benchmarking services, maintains comparison integrity—the extent to which the comparison group matches your organization. What value does a benchmark provide a child welfare organization if it was derived from animal rights nonprofits? Through our multitiered algorithm to match similar organizations, you will receive apples-to-apples comparisons.

In creating this program, we partnered with leaders in human and social services, COA-accredited organizations, and our volunteer peer reviewers to define universal measures of organizational health and stability.

By collecting, aggregating, and sharing this data, this program creates value at multiple levels:

  • COA-Accredited Organizations: To monitor basic key performance indicators and better understand their performance
  • Social Current: To better understand its network
  • Our Network as a Whole: To enrich the sector and better impact its communities

To learn more, visit our benchmarking webpage or contact our Data Help Team at Social Current.

This benchmarking program announcement follows the launch of our 2023 standards updates. The Social Current team will continue to create research-based and field-informed solutions around accreditation for the human and social services field. See the standards updates.

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