Merger Approved for the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and Council on Accreditation

Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Alliance
May 10, 2021

Jody Levison-Johnson Named President and CEO of New Organization

Washington D.C. (Jan. 6, 2021) – The merger of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and the Council on Accreditation has been approved by the boards of both organizations and by a majority of voting members of the Alliance. The vote capped a year-long exploration and four-month due diligence process overseen by both organizations, which share a long history and vision, with the Alliance serving as one of the original founders of COA in 1977.

Until the merger is approved by the state, Jody Levison-Johnson, currently the president and CEO of the Council on Accreditation, will serve as president and CEO of both organizations. She will serve as the inaugural president and CEO of the new organization, which will be headquartered in Washington, D.C., once state approval is granted. Susan Dreyfus, will serve as senior advisor to the CEO.

“The merging of our two organizations will bring together a vast range of knowledge, assets, and resources that allow us to more meaningfully support the human and social services sector,” commented Jody Levison-Johnson. “Through a shared set of values and a lens of equity, our new organization will spark a current of integrated and iterative approaches that connect the research and literature, field-experience, practice and policy in a way that catalyzes the voices of the social sector. This is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the collective intelligence of the Alliance, COA, and all of our organizations and partners to spur new thinking that advances our field and sector. It’s an honor and privilege to be entrusted with leading the Alliance and COA into its next chapter and creating this new organization.”

“This merger accelerates us forward at a critical time in our country,” noted Susan Dreyfus. “As our nation responds to the demands of a nationwide pandemic and economic challenges, we have the opportunity and the imperative to lead on behalf of the field and sector, as we have done throughout our history, to respond to the challenges of today and be prepared for those of tomorrow. I am honored to pass the mantle of leadership to Jody, whose expertise, experience and passion are uniquely poised to strengthen the reach and influence of our respective fields and the social, health and human services sector as a whole.”

Jody is a licensed clinical social worker with nearly 30 years of experience in the field of human services. A longstanding champion for systems change, Jody is deeply committed to advancing policy that equips communities to thrive and ensures equitable access to quality services and supports. Prior to joining COA, Jody served as the assistant vice president of Practice Improvement at the National Council for Behavioral Health, where she oversaw the organization’s consulting portfolio and a large, privately funded adolescent mental health initiative. She has also served as the chief clinical officer for a multi-state children’s care management organization, as the deputy assistant secretary of the Louisiana Office of Behavioral Health, and as the vice president of Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI), a non-profit management and consulting services organization. Jody holds a Master of Social Work degree from Syracuse University and a Master of Arts and PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.

The new organization will engage a multifaceted and larger cross-sector network of partners (beyond existing COA-accredited organizations and current Alliance members) with a diversified range of offerings that contribute to the reach and influence of the human and social services sector. These will include peer exchange groups, learning networks and collaboratives, accreditation, certification, policy support across key focus areas and ongoing development of solutions and opportunities for addressing systemic racism and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion so that all people can thrive.

More details will be forthcoming about the offerings and pathways to engagement the new organization will provide for human and social sector community-based organizations, foundations, state associations, government entities, and all of those who make up the human and social sector ecosystem.

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About the Newly Merged Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and Council on Accreditation
The new organization will convene and catalyze a dynamic inclusive multifaceted network of human and social services organizations and passionate allies who are committed to creating a just and equitable society where all people and communities flourish. Using the collective experience of the field coupled with research, we will offer a range of assets and opportunities that support the health and human services sector in their quest for continuous evolution and improvement and equip them to solve for the social problems that plague our communities and undermine the fabric of our nation. The new organization will provide a range of offerings informed by the field, learnings, and literature to actively shape the future of the sector through policy, advocacy, knowledge exchange, certification, accreditation, connection, and ongoing iterative and reflective interactions.

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With millions of children, adults, and families across the nation experiencing barriers to achieving their full potential, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities works with thousands of committed social sector leaders to help their organizations more positively impact their communities. During this time of immense change in our field, the imperative for our network to be strong, excellent, distinct, and influential has never been greater. Rooted in the historic cause of advancing equity for all people, the Alliance today is a national strategic action network driven by members aligned through shared ownership and a common vision to achieve a healthy and equitable society. The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities represents a network of hundreds member organizations across the U.S. The member network is comprised of private human-serving nonprofits that provide direct services to children, families, adults, and communities and state or regional federations, councils, and associations.