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2022 COA Accreditation Standards Updates

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March 21, 2022

The 2022 edition of updates to the standards for COA Accreditation, a service of Social Current, have recently been released. These targeted enhancements to the standards are the result of our annual process and include changes based on ongoing collection and analysis of feedback received from our network, collaboration with diverse groups of subject matter experts, and a review of research and professional literature on identified trends and evolving practices.

Our collaborative update process is designed to ensure the standards remain up-to-date and field-informed, promoting improved outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

Who’s Affected

These changes impact private, public, and Canadian accredited organizations. The 2022 edition of updates will not impact organizations that are currently pursuing accreditation or re-accreditation and have already been assigned standards in the MyCOA portal.

When It’s Happening

Standards will officially be released on the Social Current website on March 30.

Standards assignments for COA Accreditation begin April 4.

What’s Changing in Our Standards

New Standards for Office-Based Opioid Treatment (DTX)
We have revised our standards for Day Treatment Services (DTX) to accommodate providers offering medication-assisted treatment under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000. The American Society of Addiction Medicine identifies ongoing maintenance medication with appropriate psychosocial treatment as the gold standard of care for opioid use disorder. Within the context of the opioid epidemic, this work supports improved access to quality programs offering this evidence-based treatment. The 2022 updates to DTX include:

  • Two new personnel standards for programs providing office-based opioid treatment
  • New personnel standards for peer support providers working in DTX programs
  • Expanded training requirements for clinical personnel providing treatment for alcohol and drug use disorders
  • A new Core Concept Standard, DTX 9: Office-Based Opioid Treatment
  • Interpretations and Examples throughout DTX to support standard implementation within the context of office-based opioid treatment programs

Additional Revisions
In response to feedback from our network, we are also releasing many minor revisions throughout the COA Accreditation standards to provide clarity and/or remain current with trends in the field. Some of the highlights include:

  • Clarifying the applicability of various standards through updated NAs (Not Applicable) and Notes
  • Updating the glossary with new and updated definitions, including a new definition for therapeutic interventions
  • Updated standards on several key practices including maintaining Naloxone on site (ASE 6.03) and the annual Board review of overall risk (GOV 5.05)

A full list of standards impacted by the 2022 updates can be found online.

Our Process

The 2022 COA Accreditation standards updates reflect changes made based on evolving practices, ongoing review of relevant literature, and the continuous feedback we receive from our network, including volunteer reviewers and accredited organizations. More specifically, updating the 2022 Standards involved:

  • Collection, in-depth review, and synthesis of prominent published research and professional literature in targeted areas
  • Review of standards drafts and discussion of trends in the field with Standards Advisory Panels comprised of subject matter experts, agency leaders, and service providers
  • Collection and review of feedback solicited from Social Current’s network, including through the “Provide Feedback” button found in the MyCOA and VIP portals
  • Sharing drafts online for a period of field comment to solicit feedback from Social Current’s network and the broader social service sector


If you are an in-process or accredited organization, reach out to your accreditation coordinator.

If you are seeking accreditation for the first time, contact Joe Perrow.

For additional information about COA Accreditation standards, contact Melissa Dury.

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