Social Current Announces CCNY, Inc. as First Platinum Partner

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February 20, 2024

Social Current is pleased to announce that CCNY, Inc. has signed on to become a Platinum Strategic Industry Partner for 2024. Strategic Industry Partners play an important role in helping Social Current bring together leaders from across our network of more than 1,800 human and social service organizations to collaborate, innovate, and solve problems. Social Current intentionally nurtures relationship building between our partners, organizations, and professionals to offer solutions as we work toward a stronger and more viable social sector.

CCNY, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Buffalo, New York, provides a comprehensive spectrum of services that range from program evaluation and data analytics to quality improvement and training. A recognized leader in the industry when it comes to improving service delivery in human services, they help organizations understand how to achieve their mission and drive positive change. Their expertise supports organizations in their goal to become data-driven organizations focused on increasing their capacity with utilization focused tools to improve positive outcomes.

“Building a stronger, more collaborative social service network means it is more critical than ever to foster connections and strategic partnerships across our sector,” commented Jody Levison-Johnson, president and CEO of Social Current. “As our Platinum Strategic Industry Partner, CCNY, Inc., brings a strong expertise on how organizations can better fulfill their mission while still achieving their bottom line. We are pleased to welcome them as Social Current’s first platinum partner for 2024.”

“The shared commitment to service excellence through continuous quality improvement is a focus that CCNY shares with Social Current and all its network organizations,” said Heidi Milch, Executive Director of CCNY. “When it comes to data-driven quality improvement this group is past the question of should we, and on to the question of how will we, which makes the Platinum Partnership the perfect avenue for CCNY to support network organizations with the tools that create capacity for lasting success.”

Social Current offers Platinum, Gold, and Silver Strategic Industry Partnerships that can help organizations foster and nurture connections and relationships across the social sector with a goal of enhancing our collective success and nationwide impact. Through Social Current’s partnership program, partners reach our network through annual meetings, networking events, discussion forums, learning series, thought leadership development opportunities, and more. For more information on Strategic Industry Partner opportunities, please contact Marisa Collins, director of strategic partnerships and partner communications.

About CCNY, Inc.
There’s always a human side to analytics, and that’s where CCNY comes in. With consultative services that encompass data collection, evaluation, analytics, predictive modeling, and quality improvement; it’s our job to facilitate data-driven decision making for those who work in health and human services. CCNY takes a utilization focused approach that ensures the work we do actually gets used.

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