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How to Be an Inclusive Leader through rEvolutionary and Adaptive Leadership

November 11, 2021 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm EST


To be a successful leader in today’s operating environment of rapid and unpredictable change, it’s important to strengthen personal and professional competencies. Using Social Current’s rEvolutionary™ Leadership model enables senior and executive leaders to go beyond the everyday management of programs and services to address adaptive and systems challenges for lasting change.

What makes rEvolutionary Leadership unique from other leadership development models?

rEvolutionary™ Leadership provides a deep dive into four individual capacities that are then applied to integrated and inclusive strategies that can transform organizations into high-impact innovators:

  • Cognitive Capacity. The conscious, intellectual ability to anticipate, perceive, understand, and analyze environmental factors that drive the need for change.
  • Emotional Capacity. The ability to emotionally process environmental factors that might lead to change and to experience the resulting empathy, passion, courage, and resolve that motivate the leader to work for change.
  • Spiritual Capacity. The ability to clearly envision a better future that can be brought about through change, as well as the will to believe that achieving that future state is not only attainable but a moral obligation; it is the response to a higher calling or purpose.
  • Behavioral Capacity. The ability to foresee and implement the tangible, observable, and measurable actions that will set change in motion; it is the action and management portion of leadership.

As leaders continuously invest in these capacities, they are further enabled to manage and lead meaningful change, which flows through the self, team, organization, and communities and into the larger ecosystem of leaders, teams, organizations, and communities.

  • Increase understanding of the rEvolutionary Leadership Model
  • How to be an inclusive leader
  • Increase knowledge of adaptive leadership skillset
Undraye Howard

Undraye Howard

Senior Director and Special Advisor to the CEO for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement, Social Current

Tom Woll

Facilitator, Strategic Change Initiative