B1: Brain Science Awareness and Practices at Work: Experiences from the Texas Change in Mind Learning Collaborative

Area of Focus: Brain Science and Trauma-Informed Approaches
Room Location: Key 12

Organizations in Social Current’s Texas Change in Mind Learning Collaborative are embedding brain science concepts into everything they do, including their daily work practices. To be well at work, we need to know about basic brain functioning. Our brain mediates our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and as Dr. Bruce Perry, an expert in brain science and trauma, notes “…a brain aware perspective helps me when I’m trying to understand people.” With this knowledge, we can prevent and mitigate the impact of toxic stress on our brains and bodies and achieve the workforce outcomes we strive for—increased trust, stronger relationships, candid conversations, more accountability.

Join this session to explore the brain science strategies critical for a healthy workforce, and how our Texas Change in Mind organizations are bringing them to their daily work.

Learning Objectives

  • Brain science concepts for increasing effective communication and partnering at work
  • Regulation strategies that are relevant for the work setting
  • Executive functioning, its role in our daily work, and practical ways to reduce executive function burden and strengthen executive function capacities
  • Strategies used by Texas Change in Mind organizations to infuse brain science into their daily work


Karen Johnson
Director of the Change in Mind Institute
Social Current

Kelly Martin
Director of Practice Excellence
Social Current

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