B2: Advancing Organizational Transformation through Trauma-Responsive Practices and Equity

Area of Focus: Leadership and Organizational Development
Content Level: Learner

This session will focus on both transactional and transformative strategies that create the conditions for an organizational culture that fosters authentic healing, resilience, and equity. It will directly address a critical need in community-based and human services organizations: To understand and mitigate the effects of stress, adversity, and trauma, especially as they relate to historically oppressed and marginalized groups.

Presenters will delve into innovative strategies based on the intersection of trauma-responsive practices and antiracism, equity, and belonging. This session is a blueprint for actionable change and will discuss the practical application of concepts at various levels within the organization. Participants will be guided through various ways of implementing and sustaining a culture that is both trauma-responsive and equity-focused. The goal of this approach is not only to enhance staff well-being and retention but also to significantly improve the experience and long-term engagement of employees and service recipients.

Learning Objectives

  • Insights into the intersection of trauma-responsive practices and antiracism
  • Practical tools and strategies for embedding these practices into organizational culture
  • Interactive discussions to explore challenges and collaborative solutions
  • Techniques for ensuring sustainable, long-term organizational culture transformation


Kesha Carter
Chief Diversity Officer

Elizabeth Meeker
Vice President, Consulting & Technical Assistance

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