C1: How to Succeed in COA Accreditation Without Really Crying: Exciting & Creative Approaches to Incorporating COA into your Organization’s Culture

Area of Focus: COA Accreditation
Content Level: Doer

This session will provide a holistic approach to help organizations undergoing COA Accreditation. It will cover strategies for motivating staff, implementing effective systems to meet COA Accreditation standards, sustaining momentum beyond accreditation completion, creating visually compelling data presentations for continuous quality improvement (CQI), and mobilizing staff through dynamic and enjoyable trainings. Participants will gain actionable insights into fostering a positive organizational culture, ensuring adherence to standards, capitalizing on accreditation success for continuous improvement, and making CQI an achievable and accessible aspect of their operations.

This informative presentation will delve into many aspects of COA Accreditation process. Participants will gain practical strategies for enhancing their workforce engagement, implementing robust systems, and sustaining momentum throughout the accreditation journey and beyond. This session will provide insightful content, interactive discussions, and practical takeaways, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to navigate the COA Accreditation process with confidence and enthusiasm.

Participants will leave the presentation with practical strategies to:

  • Enhance workforce engagement during the accreditation process
  • Implement effective systems to meet COA Accreditation standards with precision
  • Sustain momentum and leverage accreditation success for ongoing improvement
  • Create exciting and visually compelling data presentations for CQI
  • Design and conduct captivating trainings for staff development

Learning Objectives

  • Employee Engagement: Strategies to keep staff motivated and engaged during accreditation
  • Systems Implementation: Guidance on building efficient systems to meet the standards
  • Sustaining Momentum: Post-accreditation strategies for ongoing organizational excellence
  • Data and Outcomes Visualization: Creative techniques to make CQI visually exciting
  • Engaging COA Trainings: Interactive sessions to turn learning into enjoyable experiences


Kana Brubaker
Director of Research and Evaluation
Children’s Bureau

Dipika Bisht
Programs Project Coordinator
Children’s Bureau

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