C1: Stress Busters for Busy People: Seven Evidence-Based Strategies to Mitigate the Impact of Toxic Stress

Area of Focus: Brain Science and Trauma-Informed Approaches
Room Location: Key 10

Focusing on simple, practical, and adaptable strategies that can be effectively integrated into the busiest of days, this workshop will provide an overview of the impact of chronic elevated stress on physical and mental health based on our current understanding of neuroscientific research. Utilizing a combination of didactic information and experiential exercises, participants will learn the seven evidence-based stress busters and how to incorporate them into their own daily lives, as well as applying them to their work supporting others.

Learning Objectives

  • Seven evidence-based strategies for mitigating toxic stress
  • Organizational practices to reduce the impact of toxic stress in staff, youth, and families
  • An individualized plan to enhance personal well-being using the seven stress busters


Ellen Kinoy
Clinical Director
Lincoln Families

Phoebe Harris Millman
Clinical Director for School-Based Services in Contra Costa County
Lincoln Families

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