E2: 2Gen Coaching Strategies to Support Family and Programmatic Goal Achievement

Area of Focus: Child, Family, and Community Well-Being
Content Level: Doer

What happens when we apply a strengths-based, brain and behavioral science lens to build programs and policies that support families? Join us to explore the core tenants and benefits of 2-Generation (2Gen) principles in programs, institutions, and policies, as well as learn how to incorporate these tenants in practice.

You will hear from Ascend at the Aspen Institute about how 2Gen approaches build family well-being by intentionally and simultaneously working with children and the adults in their lives. By centering the goals of the whole family, 2Gen strategies work with families as experts and meaningfully engage parents and caregivers in designing policies and programs that affect them to develop holistic, integrated, and equity-focused solutions.

Then, you will learn about the application of 2Gen practices at New Moms, a Chicago-based organization engaging young families, through their executive skills coaching approach. Understanding how executive skills and other strengths-based brain and behavioral science strategies support decision making, resilience, goal setting, and habit formation can ultimately improve whole family well-being. In this session participants, too, will identify their own executive skills strengths on a digital self-assessment, and through an interactive guided discussion prompt, reflect on how those strengths help them achieve their goals – and the implication for 2Gen program design and delivery. Then, participants will complete a short design activity related to 2Gen coaching strategies, walking away with a new idea and an executive skills coaching practitioner toolkit to support next steps for taking action in your workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • How the key components of effective 2Gen programs can improve outcomes for families.
  • Mechanics of a 2Gen program, leveraging strengths-based executive skills coaching strategies
  • Design a 2Gen, behavioral science-informed strategy using the executive skills coaching toolkit.


Laura Zumdahl
President & CEO
New Moms

Sama Sabihi
Program Manager
Ascend at the Aspen Institute

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