We are excited to announce that our COA Measures benchmarking reports are now available for our accredited private and Canadian organizations.  COA Measures is the first of its kind human services benchmarking program grounded in years of research.

We began this journey in 2016 with COA’s 2020 strategic planning process. We talked with and surveyed our network regarding their reasons for seeking COA accreditation and how we could provide even more value to their experience.  One theme which was raised over and over was the need for data.

This result is the product of years’ worth of work including research, pilots, surveys, and focus groups, that we couldn’t have accomplished without the incredible network of organizations that are part of our accreditation family.  The findings cover a wide array of measures of organizational health and sustainability, including finances, workforce, governance, and many more.  Accredited private and Canadian organizations can access their benchmarking report via their MyCOA portal.

Thank you to the hundreds of participants in our first ever endeavor, we couldn’t have done this without the generosity and time of our partners.  You can learn more about COA Measures here.