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March 22, 2022

The time is now to SPARK bold and brave conversations—and it begins with you. 

Social Current is seeking workshop presentations for its SPARK 2022 conference, to be held Sept. 13-14 in Baltimore. This event will activate our collective power to spark and elevate bold thinking and new conversations around some of our sector’s most vexing challenges. We will provide participants with an innovative forum to learn, refuel, connect, exchange ideas, and be inspired. 

The deadline to submit presentations is April 13. 

Social Current’s mission is to advocate for and implement equitable solutions through collaboration, innovation, policy, and practice excellence. This conference will convene and unite our diverse community from across our network and sector to share their expertise and drive toward an equitable society where all people can thrive. 

We welcome all presentations that will engage, challenge, educate, and inspire participants to act. While emphasis will be placed on the core areas below, we welcome submissions that address other current issues affecting and important to our sector. Social Current will not accept proposal submissions intended to market or sell a product, consultant, or program. 

Core Areas of Focus 

Brain Science
Sessions should discuss advancing the integration and alignment of brain science and trauma-informed knowledge, skills, and strategies into organizational and systemic practices and policies. Consider how the application of brain science can be used to prevent and mitigate toxic stress and build child, family, and community health and well-being. 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Sessions should address how organizations can create a more just, fair, and inclusive organizational culture and society through policies and practices, organizational leadership, and programs and services. Consider inequities experienced in health, education, systems involvement, the workplace, and more based on race, sexual orientation, age, gender, and ability. 

Organizational and Service Delivery Innovations 
Sessions should discuss innovative programs and solutions that contribute to organizational excellence and/or help all individuals and communities thrive. Consider examples of cross-sector collaboration, practices that advance financial sustainability, programs that support integrated care or address the social determinants of health, and more. 

Workforce Resilience and Leadership
Sessions should address how to recruit, retain, and support a workforce so that it can stay healthy and well amid ongoing change and uncertainty. Consider approaches that promote brain-science awareness, equity, and hiring from the community; build positive organizational culture; support healthy workplace relationships; and mitigate the effects of vicarious trauma, moral injury, and other workforce concerns. 

Submission Requirements 

Address all the following submission requirements in your presentation proposal. SPARK workshop sessions will be 90 minutes.

All workshop proposals must be submitted by April 13 through our online submission form.

  • Contact Information: Include full contact information including name, title, organization, address, phone, and email address for the lead presenter (or main contact person) and any co-presenters. If presenters or their organizations use Twitter, list their usernames for increased connection with participants and event promotions. 
  • Biography: Include a current biography for each presenter that is no longer than 200 words. 
  • Presentation Title: Include a brief, descriptive title for your presentation. 
  • Description: Describe your presentation in 350 words or less. Explain how your topic is practical and relevant for the attendees of this event. Use compelling language that will not only clarify what attendees can expect but will also encourage them to attend. 
  • Learning Objectives: List two to three key main points attendees will learn from your presentation. 
  • Area of Focus: Select the requested topic that best matches your proposal. 
    • Brain Science 
    • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 
    • Organizational and Service Delivery Innovations 
    • Workforce Resilience and Leadership 
    • Other 
  • Content Level: Indicate whether your content level is “Learner” or “Doer.” “Learner” sessions are for those who have limited experience with the subject matter and seek to be introduced to the topic. “Doer” presentations are for audiences with prior experience in the subject area who are looking to advance their skill and mastery. 
  • Audience Type: Select all audience types who this workshop will benefit the most. 
    • Board member 
    • Chief executive 
    • Executive level staff (i.e., vice presidents, chiefs, etc.) 
    • Director level staff (i.e., program director, etc.) 
    • Management/supervisor level staff 
    • Professional/clinical services staff 
  • Related Content: Share links to any articles, reports, videos, etc. that have been published about the presenter or organization and the presentation topic. 
  • Prior Presentations: If this workshop has been presented before, list the conference(s) and date(s). 
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