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Why We Incorporate Field Experience into Our Process for COA Accreditation

Avatar photo Joe Perrow
July 16, 2023

In my last post, I shared information about the most recent update to our COA Accreditation standards. We made improvements to help them better reflect principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. I also shared how the process for updating our standards is very inclusive, incorporating both research and insight from leaders and practitioners at community-based organizations.

In addition, the way we review organizations is driven by the field. Site visits are conducted by our volunteer peer reviewers who come from other accredited organizations. We believe accreditation should lead to meaningful growth and improvement. And by using peer reviewers—people who understand your day to day—we seek to foster a collaborative environment.

We embed field experience throughout the accreditation process to ensure it is relevant, applicable, and impactful. COA Accreditation, a service of Social Current, is designed to be supportive and transformational for organizations. Your impact is our impact in seeking a stronger social sector and a society where all people can thrive.

In this video, Roy Leitstein of Legacy Treatment Services shares why it is powerful.

To learn more about COA Accreditation and Social Current, register for an upcoming Introduction to COA webinar.

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About Joe Perrow

Joe Perrow is the network growth manager for accreditation services at Social Current. He works closely with organizations that are seeking accreditation for the first time by helping them to navigate standards, establish a timeline, and proactively prepare for the process. Perrow has a master’s in business administration from Campbell University and more than eight years’ experience in business development, marketing, and partner management.