A1: COA Accreditation: Surviving and Thriving

Area of Focus: COA Accreditation

Accreditation for an organization is paramount not only to high-quality services and care, but also for its survival. This was underscored in the 2018 Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), which called for accreditation as a key requirement for Qualified Residential Treatment Programs (QRTP) federal funding. Accreditation can be daunting for organizations, but it doesn’t need to be. This presentation seeks to walk participants though the various stages of COA Accreditation from a provider perspective and help build a toolbox of methods to survive, and thrive, throughout the process. Participants will learn how to use an agile project management approach to collect and submit evidence for the self-study and prepare your organization for a successful site visit.

As an organization, it is just as important to continually set annual goals and improve on quality outside of your accreditation cycle year. The second part of this presentation will discuss new and enhanced safety and risk related practices that have been implemented by Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health to maintain the standard of excellence that is expected by COA Accreditation.

Learning Objectives

  • Using an agile project management approach, attendees will learn key techniques for a successful accreditation experience
  • Attendees will learn of enhanced safety and risk related practices to maintain accreditation standards of excellence


Bernadette Conneely
Director Of Quality Improvement
Devereux MA/RI

Heather Krueger
Director of Quality Management
Devereux TX

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