B4: Building Bridges Beyond the Badge: The Family Wellness Academy Edition

Area of Focus: Innovative Programs and Practices

From the very personal accounts of a clinician and police officer, who are married, this workshop will provide an overview of how one Maryland police department created a grant-funded Family Wellness Academy called “The Net.” Rooted heavily in brain science and the understanding of trauma, the Family Wellness Academy curriculum provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how a career in law enforcement can change a loved one. It is important to acknowledge the historically high rates of suicide within the first-responder community to grasp the essential communication skills needed to care for them. With the help of a rotating staff of local clinicians, attendees become better prepared to ask loved ones not just, “Are you okay?” but also to navigate potentially intense responses.

Workshop participants will leave with a greater understanding of how to further clinical engagement opportunities with law enforcement as well as their larger network of support, including family and friends. In addition, this workshop will discuss the elements of trauma-informed care and brain science that resonate with law enforcement, how to enhance cultural competency for those who work with first responders, and the Family Wellness Academy curriculum. Lessons learned and opportunities for future collaboration will also be explored.

Learning Objectives

  • How to further engagement opportunities with law enforcement and their support networks
  • What elements of trauma-informed care and brain science resonate with law enforcement
  • Enhance cultural competency of those who work with first responders
  • Review Family Wellness Academy curriculum


Meghann Holloway
T/Cpl Wellness Coordinator
Presenting independently

Kelly Berger
Executive Director, Caminos Programs
Board of Child Care

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