B5: The Nonprofit Leadership Dilemma: How to Identify and Develop New Leaders for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Area of Focus: Workforce Resilience and Leadership

One of the major challenges all nonprofits face today is the retention and development of staff at every organizational level. If you ask, “Does your organization have a professional leadership development program to identify, assess and develop today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges?” less than 50% of nonprofit organizations would say yes. However, if you ask about a plan to increase donors and dollars, or to achieve strategic goals, or a budget to maintain financial solvency—all would say yes. This educational and inspirational workshop will identify the five key steps to proactively identify and develop new leaders within your organization. The benefits are significant:

  • Employee retention
  • Improved morale
  • Increased performance and motivation
  • Career advancement
  • Development of mentors and coaches
  • Creates a culture of success
  • Energizes the entire organization
  • Generates a greater social impact in the communities served

This workshop will provide you with a plan to utilize your own staff as mentors and coaches as well as to promote the new leadership development plan within your organization. The “culture of resignation” has a real solution. Come meet presenter Dennis Miller to hear his incredible true story as well as to share in his knowledge and expertise.

Learning Objectives

  • Proactively identify and develop new leaders within your organization
  • Identify the competencies and skills that they will need to be successful
  • Create a professional leadership development plan for your entire organization


Dennis C. Miller
Founder & Chairman
DCM Associates Inc.

Terrence F. Cahill, Ed.D
Managing Director
DCM Associates Inc.

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