C2: Treating Childhood Trauma Where it Lives: A Developmentally Informed, Body-Based Co-Treatment Approach to Treating the Whole Child

Area of Focus: Brain Science and Trauma-Informed Approaches

In this workshop, Starr Commonwealth will discuss the integration of trauma-informed, sensory-based occupational therapy into behavioral health therapy via the “co-treatment approach.” This specialized approach enhances the developmentally appropriate, play-based tactics that help young children who have experienced trauma heal. This session will include discussion and demonstrations of activities conducted to assist participants in understanding the foundations of this specialized approach as well as how the developmentally informed strategies appear in practice.

Check out this article, authored by presenters Jenny Sloan and Sara Gariepy, referencing these practices in the Journal of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy.

Learning Objectives

  • Enhance knowledge of child development and integrate theoretical approaches to engaging children
  • Adopt and develop at least three new strategies to engage clients in developmentally informed activities
  • Evaluate your own historical journey of “play” and explore how your experiences as “players” informs your approach with play-based, developmentally informed interventions


Jenny Sloan, LMSW CTRT CTP-C
Clinical Supervisor
Starr Commonwealth

Sara Sulkowski
Behavioral Health Clinician
Starr Commonwealth

Sara Gariepy
Occupational Therapist
Starr Commonwealth

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