C3: Rethinking Kinship Navigation Training: How Ohio Uses Equity Principles to Redesign Training for Staff and Kinship Caregivers

Area of Focus: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Kinship navigation programs across the country are innovating rapidly to meet the needs of families and prevent entry into foster care—but how are these programs strategically and equitably meeting the learning needs of their frontline staff and kinship caregivers? Join Ohio’s Kinship and Adoptive Navigation (OhioKAN) regional director and statewide trainer to learn how their program tackled the redesign of their onboarding training for new hires as well as the implementation of neuroscience-informed trauma training for kinship caregivers. In this workshop, you’ll learn about Ohio’s statewide approach to gathering feedback on staff onboarding experiences, how to leverage a variety of learning tools to promote learner engagement, how to strategize the implementation of a new learning management system (LMS), and a practical application of equity principles in developing curricula for frontline staff and kinship caregivers. If you or your organization are committed to equity and looking to facilitate a culture of continuous learning for both your staff and the communities they serve, this workshop is for you!

Learning Objectives

  • How to strategize, implement, and integrate key training objectives with overall family-serving staff onboarding
  • How to use an equity framework to create a resilient workplace culture of continuous, peer-based learning
  • Methods and tools, such as focus group design and learner profile development, for gathering feedback from frontline staff and families with lived experience to inform the design of a responsive, innovative curriculum on a learning management platform.


Yvonne Fox
Associate Policy Analyst
Chapin Hall at University of Chicago

Maria Laib
Regional Director

Joe Sack
Project Manager

Teresa Scrimenti
Statewide Trainer

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