D1: Using National Accreditation to Drive Revenue and Reduce Costs 

Area of Focus: COA Accreditation

Becoming COA accredited offers human service organizations professional recognition for meeting the highest standards in quality service delivery while providing clients with an appropriate tool for effectively evaluating service providers. Organizations that achieve accreditation have reached beyond the minimum licensing standards and made a long-term commitment to strong management, program consistency, outcome measurements, and continuous improvement throughout.

There are ways for an organization to get the most out of its accredited status, including promoting accreditation internally and externally, technology and data protection, fundraising and grant opportunities, and more.

While there are some more obvious benefits of accreditation that can drive revenue and reduce costs, there are also various foundational ideas that one may not have considered. Standards that address key emergency preparedness and response issues as well as human resources management, safety, and security can all be applied to enhance operational efficiencies. Further, being accredited can increase credibility and boost an organization’s reputation to help expand the referral base, attract individuals looking for services, and recruit and retain quality staff.

Learning Objectives

  • How accreditation standards are inherently structured to increase cost efficiencies and maximize potential for growth
  • Factors to consider when tracking return on investment
  • New ways to tie accreditation to revenue growth and reduced costs


Jennifer Flowers
Founder & CEO
Accreditation Guru

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