D5: Fight Burnout with Tips & Tricks to Manage Compassion Fatigue (CANCELLED)

Area of Focus: Workforce Resilience and Leadership

Healing is the gathering of resources from within a person, their family (however they define that), and their community. The children, families, and adults we work with are not the only ones who are in need of healing and compassion. Often, it is us healers and compassionate caregivers that have the hardest time asking for help or recognizing when we are burned out. Sometimes we think that we shouldn’t struggle if we’re the helper or that it’s a sign of weakness to be burned out. This workshop is designed to squash all those myths and to get you back to taking care of yourself, so that you can best be equipped to take care of others!

The primary goals of this workshop are to nonjudgmentally learn the root causes of compassion fatigue and identify them within ourselves, understand how that impacts the work we do, and to both practice and develop a wellness plan to combat the effects of burnout. Additionally, participants will be able to learn how to scale their own level of fatigue and common techniques that are inexpensive and simple to utilize to minimize the effects of this burnout.

The format will include activities such as fatigue scales and relaxation techniques, as well as time for Q&A. This session will look to normalize the reality of compassion fatigue in helping professions and provide an introductory way for individuals to manage the challenges associated in working with individuals whose needs are so great.

Ultimately, by coming together to demystify the real experience of burnout, hopefully we can begin to be impacted less by the unnecessary shame. None of us are above needing help and the sooner we all recognize that, the sooner we all start feeling better.

Learning Objectives

  • Key signs of compassion fatigue and the five domains of stress
  • How the brain and body react to stress and compassion fatigue and what techniques to employ when at home to combat these stressors
  • Practice multiple techniques for reducing stress and learn about multiple strategies for reducing stress while struggling with compassion fatigue


Robert Benson Sanoshy
Director/Therapist; Instructor
The Balanced Cairn

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