E2: How Politics is Shaping the Future of the Social Sector

Area of Focus: Advancing Equity
Key 11

In today’s ever-changing political climate, what is the role and responsibility of the social sector? This workshop will discuss how organizations in the social sector, with varied missions, programs, and services can find alignment and become more united in addressing the political issues that affect us all. Further, as we are challenged by our tenuous political climate and continual shifts in our elected officials, we will discuss how our sector can create sustained momentum around advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Learning Objectives

  • Intersection of politics and the social sector
  • How the political agenda frames the works we do and the communities we serve
  • What is the role of the sector and how do we create change?


Undraye Howard
Vice President of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Social Current

Kim Peterson
Vice President of Change Management
Aviva Family and Children’s Services

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