E2: How Poverty Changes the Brain, Which Changes Everything

Area of Focus: Brain Science

Come and play Getting By, the game that puts your brain into poverty. You will see how your own thinking and decision making respond to scarcity. After playing, you will learn the basics of brain science. You will understand what some take for granted (give no thought to) and how that differs for people and children coping with poverty. With so many things crowding the brain, people in poverty respond to certain kinds of communication and not others. In this workshop, you will learn how to listen and respond effectively, improving your work with low-income children and families.

Learning Objectives

  • What poverty changes in a person’s brain
  • How to apply a framework to examine their own work
  • Factors that interfere with learning and how to explore new ideas


Linda Riddell
Health Economy LLC

Chad Dull
Principal Consultant / CEO
Poverty Informed Practice LLC

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