E4: Equip the Flip: A Community and Cross-Sector Leadership Framework to Advance Equity, Health, and Well-Being

Area of Focus: Workforce Resilience and Leadership

Human services leaders work in a disruptive operating environment and face many workforce challenges and systemic issues. In hopes of identifying and building solutions, particularly those grounded in partnering with community, Social Current and the American Public Human Services Association have joined efforts. Together, they will work to co-create a new leadership framework for human service leaders of both community-based organizations and public agencies.

During this session, facilitators will present the latest insight gained from research conducted with community members and senior leaders. This research is based around how we can work collaboratively across the human services ecosystem and flip to a new power-sharing paradigm. Innovative and impactful examples of addressing challenges facing today’s human services workforce will be key components of the workshop.

Human services leaders must align on a shared vision and guide others using new mental models and a new operating paradigm that engages leaders at all levels. They must also operationalize practices that confront implicit bias, center community and belonging, incorporate input from families to improve service delivery, and hire people with lived experience at all levels.

Learning Objectives

  • Share insight gained from research and a national scan of how to equip the flip, using tools to change the way human services leaders focus on people first and not the process.
  • Share innovative examples of ways to equip the flip through a community-focused approach.
  • Gain insight on a people-centric leadership framework, changing the way we work together and across the human services network


Trinka Landry-Bourne, DPA
American Public Human Services Association
Organizational Effectiveness Consultant Leadership Development

Julia Mueller
Community Engagement Specialist
American Public Human Services Association

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