E4: The Necessity of Psychological Safety: A Roadmap to Shift Power to Community

Area of Focus: Workforce Resilience and Leadership
Room Location: Key 10

As leaders, how do we fully equip and support our teams to create equitable pathways in partnership with our communities? Effective teamwork depends on staff feeling safe to speak up, even when their opinion is not shared or may be unpopular. Psychologically safe teams support candid feedback, identifying opportunities for learning and improvement, as well as approaches to treat errors as opportunities for growth, not punishment. This has real consequences for helping professionals. Psychologically safe professionals have:

  • Higher retention rates
  • Lower levels of emotional exhaustion
  • Better teamwork skills

This internal change intentionally creates a team environment that will provoke external change, leading to equitable solutions that shift power to bold, strategic and well-informed communities. Attendees can expect to learn how this practice has led to innovative solutions to shift power from agency to community from several leaders in a fireside chat setting.

Learning Objectives

  • Responsibility and impact of leaders and their organizations who create safe and respectful workplace
  • Psychological safety is an essential component of collaboration, creation, and solutions
  • Learn how psychological safety has led to innovative infusions that have shifted power from agency to communities


Romero Davis
Senior Program Manager
Social Current

Dr. Michael Cull
Associate Professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy
University of Kentucky

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