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Social Current Releases 2022-2024 Public Policy Agenda

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May 24, 2022

Social Current has released its first-ever federal public policy agenda. This agenda will power our policy and advocacy efforts for 2022-2024, as we work to build an equitable society where all people thrive.

“We are thrilled to reach this milestone for Social Current. We realize this is just the beginning of our work and opportunity to realize our network’s collective power and influence,” said Social Current President and CEO Jody Levison-Johnson. “We know we must work together to move the needle on key public policies to create an equitable society. Social Current looks forward to engaging our network of organizations, their communities, and all of our partners to advocate for these critical priorities.”

The 2022-2024 federal policy agenda is the result of months of input from the Social Current network through focus groups, surveys, and individual conversations. It represents the breadth and diversity of our network organizations, the challenges they face, and the future they envision.

Watch this webinar recording to learn more about the specific policies Social Current will champion. Jody Levison-Johnson and Derry Kiernan, field mobilization and policy manager, shared how you can join in supporting in our collective advocacy work.

Within our policy agenda, you’ll find our policy principles—our commitments that serve as the foundation of our policy agenda:

  • Center equity
  • Engage voices with lived experience
  • Promote prevention
  • Advance whole-person approaches
  • Create access and opportunity
  • Ensure the health and resilience of the social sector

Following our foundational principles, the agenda details the policies Social Current and our collective network seek to accelerate through leadership and policies we seek to accelerate through partnership with our coalition partners and other experts. These policies are in four key areas:

  • Advancing Equity. As the cornerstone of our agenda, we seek to advance equity by empowering community voices, utilizing data for equity, and ensuring equitable access and resources
  • Improving Health and Well-Being. We seek to advance healing-centered and trauma-informed policy, respond to behavioral health needs, and integrate cross-systems approaches that support health equity
  • Increasing Economic Opportunity and Mobility. We seek to expand economic supports so that all people can achieve upward mobility and financial security
  • Achieving Social Sector Health and Excellence. Our commitment to the health and excellence of the sector is absolute; we seek to ensure our sector’s financial viability and ability to attract and retain a strong workforce

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Social Current activates the power of the social sector by bringing together a dynamic network of human/social service organizations and partners. Leveraging the collective experience of the field and research, we energize and activate the sector and drive continuous evolution and improvement. Together with our network, Social Current amplifies the work of the social sector through collaboration, innovation, policy, and practice excellence. We offer access to intellectual capital of thousands of professionals within our network through peer groups, learning opportunities, collective advocacy, individualized consultation, tools, and resources that address the sector’s most critical challenges. Together, we will fuel each other’s knowledge, expertise, and experience to spark a real and lasting impact.