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CEO SPARK Exchange Hosts: A Conversation About Rapid Scaling

June 13, 2023 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm EDT


CEOs of community-based organizations have always needed to be nimble, pivot quickly, and seize strategic opportunities to grow. But given the ever-shifting landscape related to the COVID-19 pandemic, changing reimbursement methodologies, transitions to integrated service delivery models, and more, chief executives are now, more than ever, facing opportunities—or the need—to scale rapidly.

Rapid growth can be the result of intentional long-term planning strategies or responses to pandemic-related or other unexpected opportunities. Regardless of the circumstance, CEOs must navigate many complex factors including acquiring capital, building infrastructure, addressing workforce needs, leveraging public policy advocacy to support efforts , navigating bureaucracy , managing boards, and developing new partnerships.

The good news is that you don’t need to figure this out alone. Join us for an intimate and engaging CEOs-only conversation about successes, failures, and lessons learned related to recent rapid scaling efforts. Social Current’s CEO SPARK Exchange invites you to be a part of this first of four CEO-only conversations in 2023.

First, we’ll hear from panelists who have recently gone through rapid growth efforts, and then we will open it up for questions, reflections, and interactive discussion among attendees.

Panelists include:

  • Will Jones, president/CEO of Thompson, will share more about the organization’s intentional, as well as unplanned rapid growth over the past few years. Thompson has seen 20% growth in revenue and numbers impacted year over year for the past 4-5 years.  When Jones came to Thompson 6 years ago, he closed out FY 16/17 with 8.5M in revenue on a 13.5M spend, putting the 130-year-old organization at risk of closing. He knew that scale was the only way forward. He will speak to quickly building capacity, accessing funding, handling workforce challenges, and developing organizational culture.
  • Margaret Holland McDuff, CEO of Family Service of Rhode Island in Providence, will share her organization’s experiences with intentional/planful and pandemic-related growth, how she built infrastructure, gained access to capital, handled workforce challenges, and brought along her board.
  • Kirsten Olson, CEO of Children & Families First in Wilmington, Delaware, who will share her organization’s experience navigating an unplanned growth opportunity, how they quickly built capacity, developed organizational culture, and brought along the board.
  • Andry Sweet, President and CEO of Children’s Home Society of Florida, will share her organization’s intentional growth plan related to the scaling of their Community Partnership Schools. She will describe how they built infrastructure, navigated public policy efforts, and pursued new partnerships critical to their growth.

This 60-minute learning opportunity will be designed to start an ongoing dialogue that carries through 2023 and beyond, via our CEO SPARK Exchange discussion board, in-person opportunity at SPARK 2023, and future CEO SPARK Exchange webinars.

Staff at organizations that have purchased Social Current Engagement Packages can join SPARK Exchanges by logging into the Social Current Hub. Learn more about the SPARK Exchanges online.


  • Three to five key strategies for successfully scaling rapidly
  • Through cautionary tales, learn how to identify and navigate challenges
  • Build relationships with other CEOs engaged with Social Current
  • Learn more about Social Current and opportunities to engage

Who Should Participate

  • This webinar is reserved for chief executives of organizations that have Engagement Packages


Jody Levison-Johnson

Jody Levison-Johnson

President and CEO
Social Current


Will Jones


Margaret Holland McDuff

Family Service Rhode Island

Kirsten Olson

Children & Families First Delaware

Andry Sweet

President and CEO
Children’s Home Society of Florida