B6: Igniting Advocacy Training Part 1: Building Blocks for Effective Advocacy

Area of Focus: Government Affairs and Advocacy

This is the first session of a two-part advocacy training during SPARK 2023. This training will equip participants with the information and skills to effectively participate in Social Current’s Hill Day, immediately following the conference, Oct. 18. This session is required for those participating in Hill Day, and all SPARK 2023 participants are invited to join.

In this first training session, participants will learn the fundamental aspects of effective advocacy and develop a strong foundation for future advocacy efforts.

The session will focus on the following key topics:

  • Introduction to Advocacy: Participants will gain an understanding of what advocacy is and why it is essential for bringing about change at the local, state, and national levels. They will explore the power of advocacy in influencing policymakers and decision-making processes.
  • Navigating the Advocacy Landscape: This segment will provide participants with an overview of the political landscape and the key stakeholders involved in the policymaking process. They will learn how to identify relevant policymakers, government agencies, and advocacy organizations to engage in their advocacy efforts.
  • Crafting Powerful Advocacy Messages: Participants will develop skills in preparing persuasive and impactful messages to communicate their objectives effectively. They will learn techniques for framing their issues, using compelling stories and data, and tailoring their messages to resonate with different audiences.
  • Building Relationships: This topic will explore the importance of building relationships with policymakers and their staff. Participants will learn strategies for engaging elected officials, fostering meaningful connections, and building long-term partnerships for sustained advocacy.
  • Mobilizing Support: Participants will explore strategies for rallying support and building coalitions around their advocacy goals. They will learn how to engage community members, organizations, and allies to amplify their voices and create a broader impact.

This training overlaps with Session B Workshops.

View Part 2 of the training.


Blair Abelle-Kiser
Senior Director of Government Affairs
Social Current

Derry Kiernan
Field Mobilization & Policy Manager
Social Current

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