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Building a Resilient Workforce: Foster Candidness through Psychological Safety

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October 5, 2023 @ 2:00 pm 3:00 pm EDT

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  • $200 for four-part series

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  • $65 for individual webinars
  • $235 for four-part series

Our staff face pressure from many different people and are often afraid of making a mistake that might harm those they serve, negatively impact others’ perception of them, or disappoint their supervisors or colleagues. Authenticity, a critical component of quality services, is squashed when people worry about what will happen if they speak truthfully.

To alleviate this worry and ensure our staff can speak and act freely, it is critical for human services organizations to create environments that prioritizes psychological safety. Popularized by Amy Edmondson, psychological safety is the belief that the work environment is safe for interpersonal risk taking and employees can speak candidly without the fear of retribution. It leads to authentic conversations critical to building equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) practices; problem solving; innovation; connection; trust; and growth.

This webinar, the second session in the Workforce Well-Being and Resilience learning series, explores courage and vulnerability in the workplace and the critical skills involved in building a psychologically safe staff culture. It will discuss strategies for leaders to respond to staff challenges by modeling authenticity, accountability, and compassion, all which promote safe risk taking at work and strengthen our resilience.

About the Webinar Series

As workforce challenges continue to hinder human services organizations, leaders are searching for concrete action steps to support staff who are emotionally and physically exhausted. Though staff often enter the field excited to make a difference, it can be difficult to keep them connected to the vision and mission of the organization.

This four-part webinar series will delve into core strategies and tactics for supporting staff, such as increasing accountability, managing conflict, nurturing relationships, embracing equity, and achieving excellence. Sessions in this series:


  • Components of psychological safety and the critical need to build it at work
  • The impact of courage and vulnerability in the workplace
  • Leadership strategies for increasing psychological safety in the workplace

Who Should Participate

  • Executive and senior leaders
  • Middle managers
  • Human resource staff
  • Staff with responsibility for EDI

Individuals who are champions for strengthening the workforce culture, regardless of their title, will benefit. This guidance is relevant for all workforces across the human services ecosystem, including at the community, systems, government, and policy levels.


Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson

Senior Director, Change in Mind Institute
Social Current

Kelly Martin

Director, Practice Excellence
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